Setting up AWS CLI

AWS has a command line interface which may be easier for programmers to use.

To set up on a linux machine, use pip and configure

pip install awscli
aws configure

The Access and Secret Access keys are created in the AWS console in the IAM tool. You need to create a user and give him/hser an access key. They are only viewable once, so you need to download and save that credential. They are analagous to a username/password but more like an API access key. If you lose it or can’t find it, the AWS admin will need to delete the old key and provide a new one.

For region name, I use us-west-2 (Oregon). Docs are here.

The configure script will create a JSON file. If you have more than one profile you can

aws configure --profile user2

AWS CLI will look first at command line options, then environment variables (AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, etc), and then ~/.aws//config

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