Finding alternatives to Elsevier

Currently, the University of California is boycotting Elsevier journals due to the onerous charges. In my field, that includes several journals such as:

  • AJHG
  • Cell, Cell Reports, Cell Stem Cell
  • Gene
  • Genomics
  • Lancet
  • European Journal of Medical Genetics
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Molecular Therapy
  • Trends in Genetics

Here’s a list from 2012 of Elsevier journals under boycott previously.

I am studying alternative journals with similar focus. A few publishers that colleagues have mentioned are:

  • Springer
  • Nature (NG, Nat Med, Genetics in Medicine,…)
  • BMC (BMC Genomics)
  • Biomed Central (Genome Biology,
  • Wiley
  • PLoS
  • AAAS (Science, STM, …)
  • CSHL (Genome Research)
  • Oxford Univ Press (Bioinformatics, Nucleic Acids Research)
  • AMA (JAMA)

I will try and update as I find more.